Have questions about personal injury lawsuits after a brutal accident? Thank god! You have sites like koppellaw.com where you can talk to experts and end your search of personal injury lawyers. Also, here is a set of some questions that we wish to answer for you like when, how, and what you need to do after your accident. And of course, why you need a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation for any intentional or unintentional negligence that put you in this situation.

When You Can File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

You can file a personal injury lawsuit anytime you suffer any serious injuries in an accident. This includes traumatic spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, or more. If you have suffered serious injuries in your accident you should contact an attorney as soon as the accident happened. They will help you get the right compensation for the medical bills, extended medical treatment, and also for reduced income to help you pay for those bills. By any chance, if the insurance company denies processing your claim, you can also file a lawsuit against them.

The Lawsuit Against The Person Who Caused The Accident

Getting compensation from the person who contributed to the accident would require you to prove the series of events and the factors that are involved in the accident. Evidence plays a crucial role and multiple parties can be held responsible for the accident.  A personal injury lawyer would prove their participation in the accident and would get you compensation from each of them.

In what scenarios can you file a lawsuit against an insurance company?

A lot of times insurance companies would deny to pay you the claim. It is always advisable that you let the PI lawyer handle those communications. Even if you have talked to the insurance company, you can call an attorney in case:

  • The Insurance Company Had Denied The Claim
  • The Insurance Company Is Delaying The Payments On The Claim
  • The Insurance Company Gives You A Low Settlement Offer
  • The Insurance Company Is Not Willing To Negotiate

Can you file a lawsuit anytime?

There are different rules for each state, establishing the period within which you can hold a person accountable for the injuries or damages. It is recommended to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This remains true even in the case of filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

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