If you have been a victim of an accident, you will no doubt end up with a lot of stress- stress related to health, finances, and if the case goes to court, then a possible criminal record. Along with this stress comes the ultimate question “Should I hire a Personal Injury Lawyer? If yes, then when?” There are no specific guidelines as to when to hire a personal injury attorney. But here are a few scenarios where you might like an attorney by your side.

·       You Endured A Serious Injury

If you were in an accident and got a serious injury all courtesy to it, you need a personal injury attorney. Furthermore, if you experienced an injury grave enough to cause long-term suffering or permanent disability, hiring a personal injury attorney is a must to prevent a lifetime of financial stress, pain, and suffering. Hence, at the very least, consult a law firm such as Shayne, Dachs, Sauer & Dachs, LLP who offer a free consultation. Personal injury attorneys can guide you to experienced medical practitioners who can treat you and serve as case witnesses.

·       You Are Not Sure Who Is At Fault For The Accident

Sometimes, an accident can be so spontaneous that you may be left confused at the end whether whom to blame. In such circumstances, the other victims or parties of the accident, as well as their insurance companies, will sure shot try to blame you for the health and property damages. With an attorney on your case, you can protect yourself from the counterclaims and protect your rights.

·       Multiple Parties Are Involved In The Accident

If you are a Long Island, New York resident in an accident involving financial damages and multiple parties, visiting shaynedachs.com and other New York-based professional law firms and consulting them is advisable. Why? In case of accidents with multiple parties at the scene, there’s a chance that they will blame you instead. A personal injury attorney will deal with multiple insurance companies on your behalf, build a strong case, and ensure that you will win the case.

·       The Insurance Company Is Delaying Or Straightaway Denying Your Claim

Insurance companies have plenty of money, a good legal team, and knowledge that 99% of claimers don’t know all the laws and procedures regarding the case. Hence, they often flat-out deny a person’s injury and insurance claim because the person can’t do anything about it. Similarly, they delay the claims and offer a portion of your claim amount. A Personal Injury Lawyer knows these dirty tactics and will make sure that you get your claim amount fully.

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