You’ve probably heard about entertainment lawyers and wondered what they do. Here are some answers to your questions about this profession.

What Does The Day Typically Look Like?

Obviously, the standard day an entertainment lawyer has looks significantly different from that of a traditional attorney. In short, the day will generally combine several different areas of law. However, these attorneys will always focus on one specialty: music, television, or film production. Over the course of the day, a lawyer may help clients prepare and negotiate contracts, work out financial agreements, and have conversations about their rights.

Who Do They Deal With?

Some, such as John Branca, may serve as personal lawyers for major celebrities. However, the majority of them work with agents and managers. According to Branca, they can also work with studios, business executives, financiers, and producers.

What Does the Career Look Like?

Entertainment lawyers can work in-house for companies or as part of a firm. When these attorneys are just starting, they will likely work in-house for a television or music studio. However, after getting experience under their belt, they may find they want a more diverse practice and start working for a firm.

Most of them are concentrated in New York and Los Angeles in the United States. After all, these cities are hotspots for the entertainment industry.

Is This Job Exciting?

The experts say that this focus ranges from boring to extremely exciting. Basically, it depends on what path you choose to go down. For example, if you are an in-house lawyer for a major producer, you will probably have a lot of excitement and meet well-known celebrities. On the other hand, if you find a job at a smaller firm, you could mix celebrities and new musicians or actors.

That said, at the end of the day, you are still going to be doing your job as a lawyer and solving issues. You will likely get to meet new and interesting people every day.

What Irritates Lawyers?

While most of these lawyers enjoy their job, there is always something that will be irritating. According to the professionals, the most common challenges they face are clients under pressure and tight budgets.

After hearing about entertainment lawyers for the first time, you were probably left with many questions. Fortunately, this list covers the main ones that probably popped into your head. You probably already had an idea of who they were. Now you know what these people do.

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