Regardless of the circumstances, which can be unique to every couple, divorces are never easy. It could be an emotional roller-coaster ride, and you are expected to take the hard decisions without making big mistakes. Understandably, one of the first tasks is to hire a divorce attorney. Family law is complicated, and in case a minor child is involved, things like child custody & support can only make things worse. The first meeting with an attorney is absolutely critical, because you can get a fair idea of your case.  In this post, we are sharing questions for a divorce attorney, which must be asked.

‘Can you explain divorce processes?’

State laws for divorce can vary, and it is important to know your options. It could be a contested divorce, or a marriage dissolution by mutual consent. Your divorce attorney is the best person to explain the processes, differences, and why one option could be a better choice for your case than others.

‘How many divorce cases have you handled so far? Can I get references?’

There is absolutely no shame in enquiring about the expertise of an attorney, and you can always ask questions related to their expertise. For instance – Does the attorney have enough experience in child support matters? As a new client, you can also ask for references, check reviews online, to understand if the lawyer has the experience to deliver.

‘What would the expenses look like?’

Filing and fighting a divorce could be a financially-draining journey, and a good attorney will always ensure that the client is prepared for the consequences and happenings. You need to know the possible legal expenses, lawyer fees and other charges that may have to be paid. In general, the eventual cost of a divorce depends on how things shape up between both parties, but you can expect to get a fair idea from your attorney.

‘What do you think of my case?’

This may seem like a vague question, but it isn’t. An experienced attorney will set the tone right, for each client before the divorce proceedings start. They may tell you the consequences of each step, how things may eventually proceed, and how each situation may impact the outcome. Your divorce attorney will negotiate on your behalf and do the paperwork, and they are expected to be honest and fair in their first opinion.

Do your homework well before hiring a divorce attorney!

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