While there are many lawyers in Melbourne you can choose to take on your case or dispute, the best lawyers have a number of both personal and technical qualities that set them apart from the rest. Here are five qualities that the best lawyers possess.

 They’re Excellent Communicators

The best lawyers in Melbourne know how to communicate effectively. They’re able to clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas as well as explain any complex legal jargon to their clients in plain English and terms they can easily understand. Clear communication is not only important in the courtroom, but as you may be dealing and counselling with your lawyer for an extended period of time, it’s also important that all of the legal processes and professional terms can be explained to you promptly so that you’re aware of what’s going on at every stage.

They Do Their Research

The best lawyers are also excellent researchers. They know how to find the information they need to build a strong case, and they also know the right techniques and questions to ask their clients to gain deeper insights into their side of the argument. These research skills are essential in the courtroom, where lawyers need to be able to find evidence that supports their argument and displays their client’s intentions and actions as transparently as possible. Lawyers in Melbourne who are not skilled and competent researchers are simply not worth your time, as you shouldn’t be paying a lawyer solely to counsel and represent you in the courtroom if you have to do all the research yourself.

 They’re Persuasive

There’s a fine line between persuasion and manipulation. The best lawyers in Melbourne know how to be persuasive without being too controlling. They know how to convince a jury of their argument using rational thinking, facts and logic, presenting a strong argument for their clients using only truthful and accurate information. This persuasive ability is essential in the courtroom, where lawyers need to be able to remain calm and present their arguments in the most concise, logical and articulate way possible.

 They’re Knowledgeable

The best lawyers in Melbourne possess knowledge of the law that expands beyond their personal practising area. They know how other areas of the law interact and intersect with their own and study these areas as much as they do their own area of expertise. This extended knowledge can prove to be especially useful in the courtroom, where lawyers can use their knowledge of other areas of the law to find inconsistencies or fallacies in the opposing parties’ arguments and make a more compelling case for their clients.

 They’re Passionate

Law is an all-encompassing career that requires many hours of ongoing study and practice even after the lawyer has graduated from law school. This means that burnout and turnover in the field of law can be high, so the best lawyers will be truly passionate about the law. They believe in their clients and securing the best outcome possible by presenting the fairest argument. Even if your prospective lawyer isn’t overly experienced, if they’re passionate, this can more than make up for their lack of experience.

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