Eviction can cause stress and confusion. You might not have anywhere to go, which can be a traumatic experience. While a landlord has the right to evict a tenant because of issues like failure to pay rent or extensive property damage, they must ensure they operate within the law. There are situations when landlords wrongfully evict their tenants without a proper cause. This is a violation of tenant rights and could face the law. If you think you have been wrongfully evicted, you must call your Spokane real estate attorney. This is the first step to ensure you handle the situation correctly. This article will explore more on wrongful eviction and the role of the lawyer in the case.

What is Illegal Eviction?

Wrongful eviction is when the landlord forces you to move out without legal grounds. There are various ways a removal can be rendered illegal, such as;

  • Eviction based on false accusations
  • Landlord did not provide a one-month notice
  • Eviction from retaliation
  • The landlord cut utilities or changed locks to force the tenant to move out
  • Eviction is a result of discrimination

Your real estate lawyer will work with you to determine if the eviction qualifies as wrong. They will do so by evaluating the situation, reviewing the lease agreement, and ensuring the landlord has followed protocol. Even when a tenant fails to pay rent or violates the lease, there are protocols that the landlord must follow when going through the eviction process. It is illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant by:

  • Cutting off utilities
  • Changing locks
  • Removing tenant’s stuff
  • Physically forcing or threatening the tenant

These are unlawful ways of evicting a tenant. Instead, an eviction should come from the court to give the tenant a chance to respond to the accusations against them.

What Can a Lawyer Do to Help?

When you are facing an illegal eviction, it is critical to involve a lawyer. The lawyer can do the following;

  • Investigate the Situation

As mentioned, the attorney will work with you to determine if you were wrongfully evicted. They will review the lease agreement, your rental history, payments, and any communication you have had with the landlord. They will also check if the landlord has lawfully handled the situation.

  • Advise on the Best Options

A lawyer knows the tenant’s rights and obligations of the landlord. They will explain the eviction process, give you legal options based on the situation, and develop a strategy to challenge it.

  • Represent You

The attorney will also handle the legal proceedings on your behalf. That includes negotiating with the landlord, responding to court proceedings, and representing you. The person has the expertise to represent you and build a solid case against the landlord.

  • File a Claim

The lawyer may advise on taking legal action against the landlord for discrimination, defamation, and harassment. They will help file a claim to seek compensation for the damage caused by the illegal eviction.

Contact a Qualified Real Estate Attorney

If you think you have been illegally evicted, it is essential to call your lawyer. Ensure the attorney you contact has sufficient experience in wrongful evictions and has knowledge of landlord-tenant laws. Check their track record and reference. With legal support, it will be easy to understand your rights and proceed with the case correctly.

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