A canada starts up a visa program is for business persons who want to move to the canada and settle your business. You should know certain things if you want to immigrate with the help of a canada investor visaIt is an initiative by Canada’s government to welcome innovative entrepreneurs to come to their country and invest money in their country.

It will create a win-win situation for all the people, either the investor or the government. Those people who are having a business idea can easily apply for this start up visa canada. Before applying for the visa, we want to give you an overview of a few think that you must know about Canadian immigration.

The eligibility of the candidate

For the eligibility of the business, you have to take care of some aspects. These aspects are that for applying, you must be having a business idea. It must be a full-proof functional plan; otherwise, the chances of cancelation of your canada investor visa are high. An investors group of Canada must support the idea you will be drafting. If they assure you, then the government will be having an assurance that the idea you have made has some sense; that is why it is approved.

Who are the designated entities?

The designated entities are divided into three groups. The first one is the business of Canada that comes under the angel investor group. Suppose they say a yes to your business, then the investment to be made in Canadian dollars seventy-five thousand. The second one is the venture capital groups. If they are ready to back you up with your plan, then the investment you have to make will be higher, i.e., around two hundred thousand Australian dollars.

The third entity is the business incubator, and if you qualify to win the assurance of this entity, you have to not invest in your start up visa canada

How to qualify for permanent residence?

If the candidate applying want to qualify for permanent residence along with their entrepreneur visa canada, then there are certain rules they have to follow:-

  • The candidate’s ownership in the voting rights of the corporation must be ten or more than 10 percent. If the voting right is less than this, then they cannot be a permanent resident.
  • There will be many persons n the voting panel of the corporation. If any of them have more than 50 percent of the voting rights, you will not be granted a PR.

On a single investment, a total of 5 people can enjoy the permanent residentship of Canada.

How long does it take in the process of visa application and approval?

If you have applied for the visa for Canadian citizenship and business purpose, then there are chances that it may take upto 4-6 months. You have to go through many processes like securing the directory and apply the application.


We hope that till now, you must have got an overview of the visa application. You must keep everything in your mind while applying for one for your business. 

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