What is a bail bond and what does it entail? If you want to know, you might be searching for bail bonds near me Allentown PA. A bail bond is an agreement between a bail bond company and an individual or entity that has been arrested or charged with criminal proceedings. The bail bond company agrees to guarantee or pay a specific amount of cash, if the individual is found guilty, in exchange for which they are entitled to a percentage of the total amount of bail.

Who Can Be Charged?

Who can be arrested or charged with a crime? Anyone can be placed under arrest for whatever reason. However, some people are arrested or charged with crimes based on factual evidence that is insufficient to secure a conviction on their behalf. In such cases, a surety, or a person who is willing to assume the risk for someone else, is needed. This can take the form of a bail bond, which is an agreement among concerned parties that if the person arrested does not appear in court, then specific sums of money will be released to them on recognizance of the courts. If the defendant does appear but failed to show up in court, then the amount for which the bond was held is forfeited and this bond is fully satisfied.

How the Bail is Set

How is a bail bond set? Before any defendant can be released from jail, a judge must consider a number of factors when deciding whether to grant his or her release. If the judge believes there is sufficient probable cause to detain the defendant, then a warrant for his or her arrest must be issued. Once the warrant is issued, the person can be arrested immediately. There is no formal process of taking the defendant into custody or checking his or her bond prior to release.

How Criminals Are Released

What are some common ways to release a criminal defendant from jail? There are two primary ways in which defendants are released from jail: jail, and the penitentiary system. A criminal defendant who is charged with a serious crime, such as first-degree murder, is generally sent to jail. The duration of jail time usually ranges from days to years.

Typical Aspects

What are some typical aspects of a bail bond? Many states require that anyone posting a bond to provide at least two references, one of which is a family member or friend. A criminal defendant who posts bail must also provide the court with information about his or her current residence and any previous address.

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