Being arrested is a scary experience for anyone who has gone through it. In order to protect yourself and your rights after an arrest, follow these three steps.

1. Don’t Talk

Everyone knows that they have the right to remain silent following an arrest, but not everyone exercises that right. Some people are desperate to make sure that the arresting officers understand that the situation isn’t what it seems, so they try to explain their point of view and talk about the incident with the officers. This is not advisable. It is true that anything you say may be used against you in court, even if you don’t think you’re saying anything wrong. If the prosecution is trying to build a case against you, they’ll use anything they can find to do so, and you may accidentally give them more ammunition by trying to plead your innocence.

Likewise, do not post updates about your arrest or court case on social media. Those profiles aren’t actually private, and you run the risk of having those posts fall into the wrong hands. If someone asks you about your case, politely tell them that you cannot discuss it without your lawyer present.

2. Call a Lawyer

If you’re allowed to make a phone call, then you should always call a lawyer for guidance. You may be tempted to call a family member for help, but only do that if you’re asking your family to find a lawyer or post bail for you. Your loved ones are likely going to want answers about why you were arrested. Don’t talk with them about it. Calls from jail are usually recorded, so anything you say on that call can be used against you.

If you’re not given the opportunity to make a phone call, repeatedly tell the arresting officers that you’d like to contact an attorney. They may delay in complying with your request to see if you’ll talk without one. Make it clear that you want an attorney.

3. Post Bail

If you’re given the option for bail, contact a bail bonds berks County PA service to help get you out as soon as possible. Doing so promptly can better ensure that you don’t lose your job or custody of your children. Court proceedings can sometimes take several weeks, so do not put your life on hold waiting for your family to scrape together enough money to get you out. A bail bondsman can usually help you quickly.

If you follow these three tips after your arrest, you should be able to get home quickly and get back to your life without accidentally harming your case.

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