If you are considering a career in law, you may not know all the available opportunities. When people think of attorneys, they usually have a picture of a courtroom drama in their minds. However, this is far from the truth for many lawyers. Consider these branches of law that you can specialize in; you do not have to choose the typical courtroom drama life.

Criminal Defense Law

If courtroom law interests you, criminal defense might be the way to go. These lawyers see a lot of action throughout their careers, but the stress level tends to be high. To see if this type of law is right for you, consider joining a debate team in high school or college. You can also gain valuable insight by joining a mock trial team at your school.

Civil Law

If you want to practice law in a courtroom but do not want to deal with criminal cases, civil law can be a good compromise. This type of law deals with things like personal injury lawsuits. You get a taste of courtroom drama, but you may not have quite as much stress as those handling a capital murder trial. Some lawyers may want to practice in civil law for a while before transitioning into criminal law.

Family Law

Family law is a branch that deals with things such as divorce, adoption and custody arrangements. Someone who specializes in this field has to be able to deal with people during difficult situations. You will have to spend some days in the courtroom, but there is no jury involved. Instead, it will be a formal meeting for a judge to make his or her ruling on a case. Shadowing at a firm that specializes in family law Pasco County FL can be a good way to decide if this branch of law is right for you.

Corporate Law

If you enjoy business dealings but do not want to join the rat race yourself, business law can be a good compromise. You do not have to work for the big corporations (although you can). Instead, you can consult the corporations on legal matters and defend them in court when needed. This can be a rewarding pursuit, and it is great for those who major in business before going to law school.

With all the available opportunities in law, it is no wonder that it is becoming such an attractive career option.

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