It is your responsibility to drive safely with your eyes on the road. Your driving school instructor may have told you to follow the speed limit no matter what. You may be surprised to learn that driving at the same speed could get you a citation. In fact, the California vehicle code for speeding requires you to slow down under certain conditions. Under Code 22350, people who drive in highways must exercise good judgment and drive at a reasonable speed. Knowing how to control your car during any situation not only improves your driving skills, but will save you time and money.

Adjusting Your Speed

Changing your speed allows you to control your vehicle. You may have to respond quickly in several instances, although slowing down is sometimes more appropriate. When driving by pedestrians, always remember to stop and wait for them to cross. If you’re coming from a rural area late at night, you’ll need to watch for herds of deer and avoid the urge to swerve even if your gut tells you otherwise. You should also consider what the weather will look like when heading out. Dense fog makes it harder for you to see cars nearby so you should slow down when possible. Driving fast in the rain may cause your vehicle to hydroplane, causing your vehicle to spin uncontrollably. By changing your speed, you will have more time to respond in an emergency.

Increasing Your Visibility

You want to make sure other cars can see you. It’s how you communicate with drivers who share the road with you. Code 22350 instructs drivers to assess the surface and width of highways. It helps drivers stay in the proper lane and keeps a safe cushion between vehicles. Regularly clean your windshield so you can see things from a distance. You should clean your side mirrors and position them so you can check your surroundings. Your headlights are another feature you want to use, especially at night. Turning them on will help you merge into freeway traffic. You should also compensate for lower visibility when it’s dark by driving more slowly. Only keep your headlights on when necessary, as their stark brightness makes it difficult to see.

Keeping Your License

The DMV keeps track of your traffic violations. Your license could be suspended if you get four points within a year. When you’re involved in an accident, law enforcement is more likely to hold you responsible and may force you to pay reparations if they know your history. You can enroll in traffic school if you get cited and want to keep your record clean. Showing a certificate of completion can pardon you from debt-related fines that may accumulate if you can’t pay your ticket in time. As long as you’re paying attention to what happens on the road, you won’t have to worry about losing your license.

Part of becoming an experienced driver is learning how to adapt to different situations. Code 22350 requires people to check their surroundings to prevent anyone from getting hurt. You’re likely following the basic traffic law if you’re always taking precautions. Following the law is courteous to other drivers and will help prevent property damage.

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