Divorces are always complicated by nature. It’s not easy to break a family apart, but when a couple cannot coexist or have nothing in common, divorce might be a necessary evil. Virginia state law requires specific grounds for divorce. If you are unsure of how to move ahead with your particular case, hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Poquoson is your best bet. Before we discuss how an attorney can be a valuable source of counsel, let’s check the grounds for divorce in Virginia.

Basic Grounds for Divorce in Virginia There are varied grounds that can be considered for a divorce in Virginia. The first one is adultery. If a spouse had relationships outside the marriage, the other spouse can file for separation and divorce, and it must be done within five years of knowing the violation.

Being convicted of a felony is another ground to file for divorce, while other grounds of cruelty are also valid in the State. Cruelty could refer to physical hard, mental harm or abandonment.

Note that Virginia law also allows for filing   a “no fault” or uncontested divorce, which means that there is no need to prove that the other spouse has done irreconcilable damage in the marriage. A Virginia uncontested divorce is simply a means to a faster divorce process where both parties agree to all aspects of their divorce without any negotiations or conditions. (Can the text “Virginia uncontested divorce” be linked to https://400dollardivorce.com?)

Do I Really Need a Divorce Attorney?

Preparing for your divorce is particularly important, even when you are not on talking terms with your spouse. If there are children involved, you have to discuss things like parental support, custody, education and visiting rights. All points of contention for which a divorce attorney is more than necessary for experienced counsel.

The role of a divorce attorney is not just about negotiating on your behalf. The best law firms in Virginia, such as Denbigh Law Center, protect the rights of their clients and ensure a honest and compassionate experience. Furthermore, if things have to go to court, your divorce attorney will do what it takes for results that are fair and in your best interest. In any case, your spouse is likely to also get legal help, and it’s best that you go in prepared, especially if mediation and negotiations fail.

Is Divorce Expensive in Virginia?

You will have to pay for filing expenses and divorce attorney service fees, but other facts depend on your case. You may have to pay for spousal and child support and may also incur expenses concerning division of property, if required. In Virginia, courts may ask one spouse to pay for the other spouse’s attorney’s fees, again depending on the facts and circumstances of your case.

Contact a divorce lawyer in Virginia to find out more.

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