It can be an overwhelming experience when you have to start a new life in a new country. Are you someone who is thinking of shifting your whole family to the United States of America to start a new life? If yes,  it is tough to know where to start. From Health Insurance to employment to schools to where to live,  everything can same daunting initially. 

According to data given by the United Nations,  the largest immigrant population in the whole world is found in the US. While it is true that there are certain challenges that you might face as an immigrant, you can always seek the help of a family immigration attorney for better solutions. Let’s check out the most common challenges faced by immigrants in a new country.

Difficulty in learning and speaking English

We are all aware of the fact that the United States is not a multilingual country.  So, if you arrive in this Nation without any knowledge of English, life is going to be tough for you. Making friends, trying to get a job, or completing basic tasks like filling out forms or buying food from a grocery store can become a huge task.  However,  immigrants can take ESL classes if they want to learn English. 

Building your credit

If you have to nurture your dream of becoming an American, the reality starts with building a Credit score. This is a challenging process as the officials are not too friendly towards immigrants. However,  it is only when you can navigate through the American financial system that you can understand whether or not you can get a new credit card or a mortgage to buy a home. Your hiring managers and potential landlords will also check your credit score. 

Securing a job

Most immigrants and refugees are satisfied to take whatever job is available to them when they enter a new country. This is because locating a job and gradually moving up the ladder of success is highly difficult. On top of that,  the challenge of not being able to speak English fluently is one of the major problems that come in the way of securing a job. Employers in the US typically look for work experience within the country and don’t pay enough importance to certifications done outside the US. 

If the above-mentioned challenges come in your way of leading a peaceful life in the United States, you can always work your way with an immigration lawyer who can suggest you the best way out. 

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