Every car accident is different and comes with a unique context and order of events. There are some common types of car accidents that you should know about. This is especially true if you are a new driver or just looking to read up on the potential dangers of taking your car out for a drive. Driving a vehicle comes with a lot of responsibilities, judgment, and care, not for yourself only, but also for other drivers and pedestrians. So, as a driver, you should never take this responsibility lightly. One glance away from the roadways can get you caught off guard and you end up hurting yourself, the passenger, and other people in oncoming vehicles. That is why it is important to pay attention when you are driving. Avoid talking on your cell phone or turning around to talk to a passenger in the vehicle you are driving. All it needs is one split second for a car accident to happen as any auto accident attorney will tell you. Here are some of the types of car accidents you should know about. Let us look at some of the collisions that you should be aware of.

Head-on Collisions

A frontal collision occurs when two cars make contact with each other “nose to nose” or from headlight to headlight. This type of collision may not seem common as it requires such a specific set of circumstances rather than just lazy or distracted driving, but it is still a type of accident to watch out for. It can be a type of accident that could occur if one or more of the drivers has been drinking or using substances.

Rear Collisions

Rear collisions are some of the most common car accidents out there. Rear ends occur when a car collides into the rear of another car. These types of incidents can occur at traffic lights or on busy roads when a car suddenly stops in front of another car, causing an impact, or when a driver is not paying proper attention and does not slow down in time so as not to hit the car in front. There are times when the person who collided with the vehicle in front may not be at fault. This is the case when the front vehicle stops suddenly without warning. Yet the law gives the driver in the front vehicle the right over the other driver in the rear. Sometimes a rear-end results in very little damage to either car, while other times it can be catastrophic for one or both cars.

Side Collisions

Side collisions or “T-bone collisions” occur when one car hits the side of another. These types of collisions commonly occur at traffic lights, when the right of way has changed, or when the flow of traffic changes. Typically, a side collision causes the most damage to the driver’s or passenger’s side of the vehicle, with little damage to the front or rear. One of the main reasons drivers suffer fatal car accidents is because they are drowsy behind the wheel. Ensuring that you are well rested before you start driving means that you will not fall asleep at the wheel, and you will not put yourself or others in danger.

Stay Focused

Even if you are in a hurry, you should do your best not to speed. Speeding not only puts you and your passengers at risk, but it puts everyone on the road at risk, even pedestrians. When you accelerate, you have limited time to respond to events on the road, such as sudden stops or stop signs and lights. Stay focused while you are behind the wheels because it could save your life and others.

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