An injury, physical or psychological, that you believe is caused by another person, entity, or organization due to their careless acts or negligence can cause endless suffering in any shape and form. If you know that another entity caused the pain you’re going through right now, then you will need the legal help of a professional lawyer. These types of cases are also known as personal injuries, and personal injury lawyers primarily handle these. Searching for an attorney to help you out is not that hard, especially in this day and age.

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But the real question right now is when do you hire a personal injury lawyer? So let’s check at these key points, shall we?

You Have Sustained Severe Injuries

The most obvious reason is that you sustained serious injuries, which can be a lot more challenging because the financial damages are higher. Therefore, you need to document all of the damages you incurred carefully. Hence, you receive proper reimbursement for your lost income, medical bills, or other financial losses caused by a car accident or even a malpractice claim.

The Insurance Agency is Acting in Bad Faith

A good insurance agency will pay you for all the damages. But there are times that an insurance agency is not willing to pay you and will act in bad faith. Some examples are not adequately investigating a claim, causing delays, giving misleading information, asking for unnecessary documentation, denying to pay a valid claim, changing the policy terms last minute, and forcing victims to accept an unfair settlement offer.

The Other Party is to Blame You for the Accident

Another common tactic for insurance agencies to use is to blame the victim. They will say that you caused the injury, so they will not be paying for any settlement. In times like these, do not discuss the claim with anyone except your lawyer because anything that comes out of your mouth may be used against you.

If You Have No Idea of the Value of Your Claim

Another valid reason you hire a personal injury lawyer is when you don’t know how much should be paid to you. Calculating these damages can be difficult, mainly if it includes your loss of income, medical bills, and other financial losses caused by the injury. You should also calculate the travel expenses, in-home health care, personal health care, and help within the household. A good lawyer will know how to use the facts of the case also to maximize the value of the pain and suffering damages.


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