Hopefully, you never have a situation where you need to seek a bail bonds company’s services for yourself or a loved one. But if that time comes, you’ll want to make sure that you work with a reputable company that offers the services you need.

When hiring a bail bonds Scranton PA company, ask the following questions:

How Much Will It Cost?

Rates charged by bond companies vary state by state. In Pennsylvania, bail bonds will cost 10% for the first $100 and 5% for each additional $100. Those rates don’t include extra fees like judgment fees, ranging from $30 to $50 depending on the county. Be wary of any company offering lower rates. If the rate is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Is the Company Licensed?

Before giving a bail bondsman any money or signing paperwork, make sure that the bond company has a valid and current license. In Pennsylvania, a bondsman receives licensing through the Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Office of Market Regulation.

Where is the Company Located?

Try to find a bond company from within your state. Guarantors from out-of-state may charge additional posting fees, driving up your costs.

What’s the Process?

After collecting basic information about the situation, the bond company will assess the bond’s risk factors. They’ll look at the charges and where the defendant is employed. Payment arrangements are made within the bail bond application and indemnity agreement. Once that is done, the bond company posts bail and the defendant is released.

How Quickly Will the Release Happen?

You must have some patience. Getting someone released from jail can be a slow process. The bond company will control the paperwork, and the bondsman will know when the defendant will be released. But the process is unpredictable, and time frames can change.

What is an Indemnitor?

The person who bails you out of jail is called an indemnitor. The indemnitor accepts the responsibility that you will show up for your court appearance. If you are a no show on the court date, the indemnitor must find you or pay the full bail amount.

What Happens If I Don’t Go to Court?

If you’re a no show for your court date, you’re considered a fugitive, and a warrant is issued for your arrest. The bail bond company will make every attempt to track you down, even if it means hiring a bounty hunter to find you.

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